How can I serve you through social distancing?

Current clients: 

It is very important to me that I continue to practice physical distancing as much as possible. We can meet outside at a distance, meet over ZOOM (an online video chat room) or connect over the phone. These options all provide the same conversation opportunities that we would usually have. 

Potential clients: 

I am still accepting new clients! If you wish to meet me I will require that it be physically distanced or virtually so that I may continue to keep my family and clients safe. Prenatal visits later in pregnancy can be done in person!

Where I can provide birth support: 

I received the very exciting news that Doulas have been recognized as a part of the care team. This means that I am able to attend births at KGH, Malachite, or home.

​I may be required to wear PPE while providing support during your labor and birth. This could include a mask, scrubs, and gloves. I will keep you informed of policies and procedures nearing your due date and will provide my own PPE when required. If I were to be denied access to your place of birth by staff you will have to decide whether myself or your chosen support person will enter with you. IF you choose your support person, I will not charge you the remaining fees, but will keep the retainer fee.

Thank you for your understanding!