About Me
My Philosophy

Many families ask about a birth philosophy. My philosophy is simple...this being that birth is a natural process that your body was perfectly designed to experience. My desire as a Doula is to support you in any way that allows and encourages you to achieve your goals and desires for YOUR individualized birth.

There are three main ways I can and will support you:

#1 Is to offer knowledge, research and dialogue to ensure that you feel confident in making informed decisions during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.

#2 Is that I will be there to support you physically throughout your labor and birthing process. Whether this be myself providing physical comfort measures, or encouraging and teaching another person on your support team how to effectively give support to you. This can also be basic breastfeeding support in the early days or weeks.

#3 Last, but definitely not least. I will be available for emotional support to help you appreciate the amazing journey that birth is and/or to help you understand and work through any complications that may leave you feeling down.

Welcome to my page and thank you for taking the time to read this! I am a born and raised Kelowna woman and am mother to two beautiful little girls. Becoming a mother has changed my life, it has been full of all sorts of ups and downs leading me to find new passions over the years. Birth has been the strongest and most consistent passion since having my first child. I have found the process of birth to be fascinating, unique and empowering. 

On the flip side of being empowering, child birth can be depleting and tough on all persons involved. I am so thankful to the Doulas that attended my two drastically different and unique births. The guidance, love and support i received will stay in my mind and in my heart for years to come. I was listened to, respected and encouraged through every minute of my birthing journeys...

This is why I have chosen to become a Doula! I want to support all women and birthing persons in acheiving their own ideal birth.

My Training
DONA Certified Introduction to Childbirth Workshop
DONA Certified Birth Doula Workshop
DONA Certified Breastfeeding for Doulas Workshop

I am currently a DONA Doula Candidate. Meaning I have completed my in-person training and am now required to attend births as a Doula, and submit reports to become approved as a fully trained Doula. There are many qualifications through this period, to learn more please visit dona.org