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What's in my Doula bag?

I have a serious love for my Doula bag. I am positive that most Doulas have a few tricks in there, so I thought I should share what I keep in my bag!

  • "Quiet, Please" sign. - this has been most useful as the hospital, it can be a gentle reminder for doctors and nurses to enter the room quietly while the mother is laboring.

  • Rebozo - this is a traditional Mexican blanket or shawl used to support a birthing person's body in physical positions. You can read more here...

  • Rice Heat Compress - at most places of birth I have access to a microwave to give these a quick warm up. They can feel great on the lower back and provide a little more coverage when applying counter pressure.

  • Young Living V6 Massage Oil - this super smooth oil can feel great when a birthing person is wanting some gentle massage from myself or their partner. Some birthing people also find comfort in rubbing their own belly in a circular motion with oil. Clients can pair this with their own essential oils if desired (I do not provide essential oils).

  • Massage Ball - used for gentle massage, provides myself or the partner some extra support to the hands for a longer massage.

  • Battery Candles - for a lovely dimmed effect in the room.

  • Ear Plugs - can be used to drown out all other sounds in the room if a birthing person wants to find their own zone.

  • Affirmation cards - these can be so powerful for a mother to read, or for a partner to adjust the wording and use them as a great tool for encouraging his spouse.

  • Nourishment - I of course need to eat and sometimes other support people get hungry too! I have a variety of granola bars, noodle cups, and fresh fruit. Hydralyte tablets for some lemony flavor and added hydration, as well as honey suckers for energy.

  • Toiletries - shower items, moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrushes, spray deodorant and lip chap. All for whomever might feel stinky and wants to freshen up!

Last, but definitely not least!

  • The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin - I have read this book many times now, it is an amazing tool for Doulas, partners, and anyone else in the room acting as a support person. It occasionally makes its way out of my bag for some new support ideas when situations get tough.

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